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It’s all about the natural ingredients

Hemp has been in Slavonia for thousands of years. Kudjelja - how we Slavonians call it - was always of great importance to those who called the region home. Whether Celt, Illyrian or Roman, the versatility and endurance of hemp was known to all.

Blessed with sunlight and fertile soil, these early nations excelled at innovation. Using their knowledge of the stars, they were able to accurately calculate the passage of time. Close to our distillery one can find the oldest European calendar, etched with depictions of the stars and Sun. We follow that same Sun today.

Keliro is a small craft distillery from Vukovar whose name celebrates the peoples of old – Celts, Illyrians and Romans. We produce strong drinks accented by industrial hemp grown in local Slavonian fields.

Out of respect for nature, the KELIRO brand is in a 100% recycled bottle. The introduction of ecologically acceptable raw materials and packaging is a concrete step that proves that the issue of sustainability and socially responsible business is an imperative and guideline of the company and its KELIRO products.

We are proud to continue Slavonia's rich tradition of hemp cultivation and history of innovation. 

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